Fiction and non-fiction exploring sex & polyamory

Unconventional relationships, intentional communities, gender, sexuality, and more!

Need help navigating a multi-partner relationship? Unsure how to get involved in your local kink scene or sex-positive community? Trying to pin down your sexual or romantic orientation?

Check out my blog for stories and advice. I also offer coaching via phone or Skype. Just send me an e-mail and let me know what topics you'd like to discuss.  If you're in Portland, OR, meeting for coffee or at an event/workshop may be an option. (See my guide to local Meetups here.)

I have years of experience participating in poly, queer-friendly, and sex-positive communities. My goal is to point people toward experiences and activities that are a good fit for them, while working through any anxieties and identity issues.

All coaching services are non-judgmental and confidential.

You’ve been an immense help and source of encouragement for me just as I was beginning to think we were running out of options. Thanks so much again, Saul!